what we do

We manage purposeful spaces to help entrepreneurs succeed

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Oxford Innovation Space

With the largest network of innovation centres across the UK & Ireland, we understand how to create and manage productive spaces that fuel economic growth.

What we do
Business Support

Helping businesses to innovate, evolve and scale

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Business Support

One-to-One support

All businesses working from our innovation centres have access to 1 to 1 advice from our business support experts as part of our framework for business support.

Local delivery, national support

Our national business support network provides expert advice on all aspects of growth and innovation, curated by our local teams.

One-to-many & networking

We host events that are designed more specifically to connect people with their peers, the like-minded big thinkers that they are sharing the centre with.

Create & Animate

Creating & animating the innovation centre

A group of people sitting at a table in a innovation centre meeting room.
Create & Animate

The fit-out

Delivering the complete fit-out designed specifically around the purpose and surroundings of your building.


Using tailored marketing and bespoke branding to promote the space and the opportunities it creates.


Developing your centre as the hub of innovation and growth.

Manage & promote

Day to day management from our expert team

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Manage & Promote


When managing a space, it’s all about enabling innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. Our team provides practical, well-tested business support along with opportunities for customers to connect and collaborate.


We are active advocates of the buildings we manage, both locally and nationally. We’re the front line cheerleaders for not only the buildings themselves, but those working from them. 


Bringing together communities of like minded entrepreneurs is what we love to do. With one to one advice sessions, networking events, and strategic workshops, the people in our spaces are never short of opportunities to connect with one another.

Science & Research

Lab spaces designed to bring ideas to life

Two women in white lab coats and gloves.
Science & Research

Creation of lab spaces

We understand the value of quality lab spaces and what they need to succeed. Working with you, we’ll create the infrastructure needed to bring science innovation and research to life.

Connecting innovators

The unique combination of laboratories alongside office space is popular within our buildings. We’ve seen fantastic results bringing science and technology SMEs together.

Plan & Consult

Bringing clarity, creativity and compliance to your centre

Three men looking at plans on a table.
Plan & Consult


Researching the feasibility and viability of an innovation space to meet your objectives.


Sharing our knowledge on how to plan, design, and animate your space.


Working with you to explore funding options to bring your vision to reality.

Oxford Innovation Space

Here to help entrepreneurs
grow great businesses

The buildings we curate and manage here at Oxford Innovation Space have purpose, intent, and heart. Our sole mission is to help all stakeholders involved succeed.

Are you ready to be part of our innovation network?