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A large innovation centre with a triangular design on top of it.
Oxford Innovation Space

Whether you have a clear vision in mind or need guidance on how to start, we can make it happen. From office space, laboratories, science parks, and research facilities, we've helped clients work on all spaces.

Our clients

Create economic growth with centres for innovation

We were founded by entrepreneurs, to support entrepreneurs. What better way to live that mission today than helping local communities encourage business growth and innovation.

  • Looking for help with the regeneration of a space in your 
town or city?
  • On a mission to develop space that inspires the aspiring entrepreneurs of your community to finally go for it?
  • In need of a hub for the high-growth start-ups in the region.
  • Targeted with keeping high-growth business and talent in your area?
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Two women sitting at a table with laptops.
Fareham Borough Council
South Dublin County Council
Stockport Council

Ignite business engagement, research commercialisation, and student outcomes

We understand how valuable it is to keep students, business and research connected.

  • Need help running a successful innovation centre on your campus?
  • Looking for support with strategies around students and retaining talent in your county?
  • In need of help bringing education, research and business together?
  • Time to really look at how you commercialise the research happening in your University?
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A man and a woman sitting at a table with a laptop at an innovation centre
Newcastle University
University of Essex
University of the West of England

Dynamic developments to aid business growth

Whether it’s advice or full end-to-end project management and operations that you need, we’ve got you covered.

  • Need to include an innovation building in your development but not sure where to start?
  • Have ideas for development in mind but not sure how to make them work financially?
  • Looking for a partner to support and guide you through the entire process?
  • Need to improve the commercial or innovation performance of your building?
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An aerial view of an innovation centre construction site.
British Land
Science & Research Parks

Spaces to house research & development for a better tomorrow

Innovation centres are excellent starting hubs for science and research parks. For us it’s about creating buildings that attract and develop high-growth businesses.

  • Looking to create or develop innovation spaces for the big thinkers in your local community?
  • Need support connecting with investors and local enterprise?
  • On a mission to build a community that is at the centre of cutting-edge development?
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A woman in a lab coat working on a machine at an innovation centre
Oxford Science Enterprises
Oxford Trust